Weatherseal keeps the elements on their side of the door.

As part of the Royal & Garage Door Trim System, our weatherseal protects what’s in the homeowner’s garage from the weather and just about every other uninvited element. It’s engineered to seal out dirt, bugs, wind, snow and water and match up beautifully with most garage styles and colors. Plus its low-maintenance characteristics mean one-time installation.

Ready-to-Install Components

Even our garage door system colors have stopping power.

Complementary design elements for garage doors should come in more colors than five, 10 or 15. We currently offer 32, which we frequently update to match the latest color trends.¹ 

Standard Colors²

Standard Colors

Solar Reflective Colors²

Solar Reflective Colors

All flex measurements are nominal.

¹ Call Customer Service for profile and color availability.

² Colors shown are not an exact representation. Contact Customer Service for color standard.